Dec 4, 2008

EaglesFanCast Show 44

We recorded our 44th episode of EaglesFanCast tonight, and it wasn't the most fun show... kind of negative considering we had such a great win against the Giants. I won't go into it too much here, as I brought up that very point on the show. It just kind of sums up how frustrating this season has been, and how talented this group of players is. Because of coaching, specifically Head Coach Andy Reid, we lost (and tied) games we should have won. So instead of playing for the Division win (which the Giants clinched despite losing to us), this Eagles team is now scrambling for a Wild Card spot. Just frustrating.
I'm also not in the Fantasy Football playoffs as I lost my last regular season game last week. Now I have to pay for trades during the season. Salt in the wounds, as they say.

So the show's up, you can either subscribe in iTunes or Zune Marketplace, or listen right on the site at Enjoy! It's not ALL negative, it's still filled with ballbusting, sarcastic fun.