Nov 26, 2008

EaglesFanCast Episode 42

It's definitely getting harder and harder to put together a positive, fun show if the thing you're talking about is nothing but negativity. The Eagles lost this week to the tough Baltimore Ravens, but the main thing that everyone is talking about is how Eagles Coach Andy Reid benched our franchise Quarterback, Donovan McNabb. From what we're hearing, Reid didn't even tell McNabb that he was going to sit the second half. Add to that Andy Reid's poor coaching and play calling throughout the game, and the fans are now calling for his resignation!
We try to put some of the pieces together, but right now this team, and especially the coach, is a big mystery to us. At this point it's tough to even look toward the next game against the Arizona Cardinals on Thanksgiving. I'll be at the game, but despite the temperature, it's going to be a cold night a The Linc.
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Nov 20, 2008

Nov 18, 2008

Latest EaglesFanCast Is Online

Well this week's EaglesFanCast was an interesting one, as we left behind all semblance of "we're having fun" and just brought out all the anger and frustration at Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.
  1. Seriously, we tied the Cincinnati Bengals (the 1-8 Bengals!)
  2. Seriously, QB Donovan McNabb didn't know a game could end in a tie??! WTF?
So we get through it with a lot of disbelief, sarcasm and a bit of raging. Cool thing is we had the most feedback of any show so far. We had a bunch of comments on the site's blog, three emails to read, and my friend Paul over at Caffination sent me a very cool bumper for the show. All in all a good show, and it went longer than I wanted. I figured we'd rage and be done in 30 minutes. Guess we had a lot more raging to do. :)

Well, I've been sick with a nasty stomach virus the last few days, and just need to head to bed. Midnight isn't as bad as some other nights of editing, at least. mmmmmmmm, bed

Nov 14, 2008

New Hold The Gluten Show

Maureen just recorded her latest Hold the Gluten podcast and we uploaded it yesterday. A few days' late because of some external issues, but it's now live and in all it's glory.
In this one, she talks about the upcoming Thanksgiving season, and how it's a field of gluten-filled mines for the unsuspecting Celiac sufferer. She gives some hints as to what to look for when buying all the viddles, as well as how to handle going to someone's house for the festive Holiday. It's good stuff, and now I'm feeling hungry myself.
The best part of her doing her podcast and blog, is she's testing out new recipes and baking like crazy. So she's making some gluten free foods for her, which is great, and sometimes I get to eat some damn good home-made food. I say "sometimes" because Maureen never learned how to share... but that's another post entirely.

Nov 13, 2008

EaglesFanCast Episode 40 is out!

We recorded Episode 40 a day late this week. Partly because Todd's family had plans, and partly because we had to be mentally ready to talk about the Giants loss. :D It was a very tough loss this week, and we talk about a lot of issues with this Eagles team. We especially touch on how the fans have now turned in full force on Head Coach Andy Reid. His repeated questionable playcalling and history of poor clock management have finally taken their toll. This Eagles team lost yet another game that they could have won if they were coached better.
So head on over to EaglesFanCast and listen to our latest. There's info there about how to subscribe to the show as well.

Nov 6, 2008

EaglesFanCast Episode 39 is now live

This week we have a lot to talk about such as the Philadelphia Eagles decisive victory over the Seattle Seahawks, the Phillies winning the World Series, the massive championship parade that the city threw for the Phillies, and the upcoming game against the New York Giants. This was a fun show to do as there was a lot of positivity. The Eagles are definitely looking like a better team, and have won their last three games. Cautiously optimistic? You betcha!

I'm going to create a follow-up post specifically relating to my day in Philly for the parade of parades, and I should have a few pictures as well.

So head on over to EaglesFanCast and read up on our posts and listen to the shows!