Nov 14, 2008

New Hold The Gluten Show

Maureen just recorded her latest Hold the Gluten podcast and we uploaded it yesterday. A few days' late because of some external issues, but it's now live and in all it's glory.
In this one, she talks about the upcoming Thanksgiving season, and how it's a field of gluten-filled mines for the unsuspecting Celiac sufferer. She gives some hints as to what to look for when buying all the viddles, as well as how to handle going to someone's house for the festive Holiday. It's good stuff, and now I'm feeling hungry myself.
The best part of her doing her podcast and blog, is she's testing out new recipes and baking like crazy. So she's making some gluten free foods for her, which is great, and sometimes I get to eat some damn good home-made food. I say "sometimes" because Maureen never learned how to share... but that's another post entirely.

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