Nov 18, 2008

Latest EaglesFanCast Is Online

Well this week's EaglesFanCast was an interesting one, as we left behind all semblance of "we're having fun" and just brought out all the anger and frustration at Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.
  1. Seriously, we tied the Cincinnati Bengals (the 1-8 Bengals!)
  2. Seriously, QB Donovan McNabb didn't know a game could end in a tie??! WTF?
So we get through it with a lot of disbelief, sarcasm and a bit of raging. Cool thing is we had the most feedback of any show so far. We had a bunch of comments on the site's blog, three emails to read, and my friend Paul over at Caffination sent me a very cool bumper for the show. All in all a good show, and it went longer than I wanted. I figured we'd rage and be done in 30 minutes. Guess we had a lot more raging to do. :)

Well, I've been sick with a nasty stomach virus the last few days, and just need to head to bed. Midnight isn't as bad as some other nights of editing, at least. mmmmmmmm, bed

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