May 11, 2009

Hold The Gluten But Not The Fun

Edited and posted Maureen's latest show tonight, Episode 23 of Hold The Gluten. She's been doing this for eleven months now, and she's doing great with it. Definitely had a few slowdowns along the way, but life sometimes gets in the way of hobbies, doesn't it? Each month, except for one, has had more show downloads than the previous one. That one month was because she was just able to record one show and not the normal two shows. It was a crazy month, and we all took turns getting really sick. We all share in our family, we're close. Two kids, lots of germs.
Maureen dedicates time to not just the podcast, but her blog as well. Easily once a week she tries out and posts a gluten free recipe, passes on some news in the Celiac Disease world, or takes the time to post information that she felt was important to others living a gluten free life. She's also involved in the social media world of twitter and facebook, connecting with others that share her food intolerance. I have to say, it's becoming quite a good community, and so many people are willing to help out each other, welcome the newbies, and respond to help requests. I can definitely see that being active there can, and has, helped out those that are struggling.

So Maureen's podcast is eleven months old, her blog is almost a year old, EaglesFanCast (my podcast) is 21 months old, and I have a new blog project launching in a couple of weeks. (More on that in a post very soon.) I love this type of thing. But it's kept me from posting here on a regular basis. I know I said earlier this year that I would try, it's just been tough. So many things to do, ya know? Time does seem to go faster now that I'm older. lol I'm quickly approaching my ten year anniversary, and my youngest child just turned four. Amazing. Well nothing's going to slow me down if I can help it. More to do, including fun... don't forget the fun.