Jun 1, 2008

Two New Projects

The EaglesFanCast has been going along well, but it's the off-season for football, so it's been slow. Been working on two new projects, both podcasts / blogs. The first one relates to a "creative" blog I share with a good friend. It's called "Horatio and Cornelius". It's gone through many, many iterations for almost ten years. I won't bore you with it's history just yet. It's now morphing into a full-blown podcast, with Eric and I writing stories, nay, adventures... which will be made into podcast productions. We're moving to blog to it's own website, which is almost done. It's slow going, because the writing is slow. We hope to have that live in about a month... stay tuned.
My second project is something that I've been trying to get off the ground with my wife, Maureen. She has Celiac Disease, as I've mentioned before. I've proposed to her on a number of occasions that she could help others with this, in podcast form. I've learned a lot from EaglesFanCast for the past ten months, and tried to instill that confidence into her. Well finally this past week, she's decided to go for it. The blog is now online, and it's called Hold the Gluten. The podcast will be called the same, and if things go well, she'll be speaking into the mic, solo, mind you (I'll just be doing the production work for it) within a couple weeks. Again, STAY TUNED!

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