Oct 17, 2007

Eagles FanCast Episode 11 Now Up!

We recorded our 11th episode of Eagles FanCast last night. The show was a good one, and we had fun. The three of us are definitely getting better with timing, working off each other, and not talking over each other too much. I still have to work more on reeling in the longer-discussed topics, but I'm still learning.
I want to do some work on the website when time allows... more is needed, and a new design is needed as well. I want to get a pictures section up there, as well as a better look and feel. Maybe after vacation in a few weeks. Prior to that there's a kids Halloween party, the Eagles-Bears game with a big tailgate planned, Halloween party (sans kids), Halloween itself and my high school reunion! Yeah, so no time for that updates type of stuff in the meantime.
When the hell am I going to have time to play Halo 3, Portal, Half Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2??? sigh

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