Oct 19, 2007

RV for the Tailgate

We have an RV for the tailgate this week! What was gearing up to already be a great tailgate fun, with breakfast sammy's, steak, shrimp, jambalaya, burgers, dogs, beer, RB&vodka, Mo's 7-layer dip and snacks galore, is now going to be even more fun. A friend of ours, who's going down, is bringing along a full-size RV for the tailgate experience. Oh boy.

This should be an experience.
Even the weather's cooperating: supposed to be 75 and mostly sunny Sunday. Most likely the girls will still be cold and huddle inside the RV, though.
I know we're not the first to bring an RV to a tailgate, but this is my first time... out of the probably ten-plus years of actual tailgating. Can't wait for Sunday! And oh yeah, the Eagles play the Bears later on in the day. SCHWEEEEEET!

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