Aug 27, 2008

EaglesFanCast Show 30 is Live

This was a fun one to do. Everyone was in a good mood, and we had a funny voicemail to play. It's awesome when we get interaction from the listeners and fans. All in all, we just can't wait for the 2008 season to finally start. The preseason is fun to see the players all out there and doing the hitting, but the games don't mean anything. Anyone that knows me knows I can't stand how long the preseason is. I'd rather they just beat up on themselves for a few more weeks before entering the stadiums. I just feel that, at most, two preseason games should be enough to get the rust out, and to see what players can prove they belong on the team.
Thursday night is the fourth and final preseason game, and I'll actually be there at The Linc. I'm bringing Maureen and both kids this time! I brought my daughter last year, when she was five, and she had a blast... we stayed all the way into late in the third quarter, and she still didn't want to leave. She was yelling and cheering, and just had a blast. Can't wait.

Well, here's the link to the site, Hope you enjoy. If so, let us know!

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