Aug 21, 2008

Two Shows, One Night

No, this isn't about the latest horrific video meme.

It's just a simple update that because of scheduling issues last night, both EaglesFanCast and Hold The Gluten were both recorded tonight (Wednesday). All of the editing is done, the shows are posted, and the pimping is complete.
For my show, we're still in the preseason, yet our best wide receiver, Kevin Curtis, is out for a while with a sports hernia. We talked about that and other aspects of the team. I honestly didn't get to see too much of the game because we were in Vegas, sitting at a bar that had the game on. Once the rain delay was over, I was able to see up to the point where the Eagles went down 10-0, then the bartender changed the TV to ESPN. Even though I protested (along with another Eagles fan that was there), he didn't oblige. So I finished my beer and the shot of tequila that my new friends had given me, and Maureen and I left. Oh well, such is life.

So Maureen's 6th episode of Hold the Gluten was also recorded, and I edited and posted that tonight as well. I tell you, she's hitting her stride with this podcasting thing... she's sounding more and more natural in front of the mic, and I can tell she's having a good time with it. Sounded really good tonight.

Well now that it's 1:30 Thursday morning, and I haven't been able to get a decent night's sleep in over a week now, I should head to bed. It's that time, and I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll check twitter just one more time first. lol

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