May 3, 2007

Family Bush

So since late January, family's been more and more important in my life. We lost a beloved aunt to cancer, and as these things tend to do, it brought the family closer together. We talked more on the phone, we were able to share stories, laugh together and cry together. I believe it made a lot of us think, and maybe some of us regret not going the extra mile up to this point.
Well since then I've been inspired to lose weight, start this blog, and start gathering info on my family for genealogy. Not that I have so much extra time, but this will be fun... I've always had a thing for plugging in data into forms. LOL
I bought Family Tree Maker 16 and installed it last night, and started harassing family members to get me info. Once I get a lot plugged in and it starts slowing down, I'll try exploring some of the online resources and see where my family came from. Who knows, maybe I'm a direct descendant of a Hungarian, Irish or German ruler... or fry cook.

Soundtrack - iPod playlist including: Foo Fighters, GnR, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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