May 26, 2007

Friday Night, TD on the Tube

Well Maureen's out for the night with the girls from the neighborhood. I had decisions to make... gaming, TV, movies, porn, WHAT?? Well I've got the 360, the PC, and some great games for each (Gears of War and Supreme Commander, respectively). But I don't feel like thinking, and I just feel like sitting. MOVIE!!
OK, so... a movie that Maureen isn't interested in. That narrows it down to anything not on MTV and all comedies. I've got a bunch of DVD's I've bought and not watched yet. A few around, but anything 1. Jack Black and 2. ridiculous... will work. So the only answer is...

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

This. may. be. the. best. rock. movie. ever. made.

Jack Black's comedic timing, and Kyle Glass's (Glass'???) non-acting-skills, as well as their rock opera injection make this a comedic rock masterpiece. The first few minutes, with a "young" Jack Black and Meatloaf as his Dad, with singing dialog is awesomely great. Some great lines, and some even better song-lines, if that makes sense.
"Fuck-a-luck-a-ding-dong" was just one of them, as I was writing this.

Funny thing... Maureen JUST walked in, as Black was trying to disable the laser protection beams, with, his, uhhhhh, "member". Talk about walking in at the wrong time.

I can't say that it's the 3rd drink I've had since I started watching this, but this movie has a lot of the timing, goofiness, crass comments (in this case, in song), and blatant outrageousness that make this a great comedy that's worth watching on any night alone, or with the guys.

In watching the last five minutes of the movie..... I have to say... best. rock. movie. of. all. time.

Thank you Swedesboro, and good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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