May 9, 2007

Tomato, Tomato

No matter how you say it, I planted eight of the plants in my humble garden on the side of my house Monday night; two each of plum, cherry, early girl and big boys. Also threw in two, maybe three or four (a few seeds seemed to take in each dirt pots) cucumbers, and two eggplants. With all the plants Maureen bought, I'm glad I expanded the garden by a few square feet this year. Emma helped me plant each of them, and I couldn't be more thrilled. My Pop Pop had a garden, my Dad and Mom took it over, I helped them out, now we have our own for the eighth season, and I'm going to keep my kids interested in it. Pretty damn cool.

If only I could grow grass in that soil.

Last evening I busted out the tiller and took some more dead spots grass out of the equation to finally put in a bed at the back of the house where there were two lilac bushes. Some big, creepy spiders were not happy with me, and I definitely was careful avoiding them when picking out the upturned grass and roots. Anyone that knows me is well aware that I'm not a spider person by any stretch. Unfortunately for me, Maureen's less of one, so I have to take care of them, and they seem to enjoy our garage. [shiver] But I think that I was more creeped out yesterday since I saw this article earlier in the day.
That just skeeves me to no end, and I think it's mainly because these BA sonsof.. keep pets!! [shiver]

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